Monday, May 12

Contest Winners!

Hi! I hope all the mom's had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday!I printed out all the comments AND the list of subscribers, cut them into strips, put them in my favorite vase, and had my two adorable children each pick a winner! They had fun helping! So, "Blogger Karin" can thank Ava, and "noahsm at yahoo dot com" can thank Chas! Congrats to you both!! Email your snail mail address to jeanne at jeannewinters dot com and I'll get your book out this week! Thanks for participating everyone!

PS: My next post will be about my Mother's Day gift that my family gave me this weekend. It's definitely unconventional and I'm VERY excited! I've just got to share with you all and I hope you can help me with it!!

1 comment:

Karin said...

Thank you Ava for picking my name! Love your dress-- a very pretty combination of colors.

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