Saturday, June 14

Gift Collection with Hallmark!!

I have an announcement!!! --
The inspirational gift collection I am working on is with ...

... Hallmark! It has been such an exciting process! I'm so proud to share with you that I've been working with these two amazingly fabulous companies: Hallmark and their subsidiary Dayspring. Many of you know I've been working with DaySpring's online department since early last year. Later in the year I began working with Hallmark to design an inspirational gift collection for the Hallmark Gold Crown stores. What an exciting journey – Wonderful company. Lovely people. A real joy.

Last week I traveled to Kansas City once again and while there took a couple pics to share with you. Above I am in their offices and below exploring a bit of the city near the Plaza district. As soon as I'm able to sneak you any pics of the actual products I'm working on I will!!


Dei said...

Jeanne. Wow, wow and double wow. How exciting to design for Hallmark. I can't say enough of how impressed I am of your accomplishment. Can't wait to see the finished product line. Happy Father's Day to all.

Dei said...

Hey Jeanne,
Looking forward to the package! Yay! Yours is coming. Just one more item to put in there.

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