Friday, June 27

Swap, Harvest & Dinner!

Hey! Today I thought I'd just post a little about this and that. I'm busy working on my first real garage sale this weekend!! :-)

Another first: I joined in my very first online "swap" this past week! I actually did two swaps but the second isn't done, yet. This first one with was to swap fun things you have laying around in your craft area that you have too much of or that just aren't "you." I received this package from my swap partner Melba: Thank you, Melba! I love it all! It was really fun. Here's what I sent her ... (OK, my book is definitely "me" but I had to add it!)Check out this next shot. One of my favorite dinners ... grilled salmon!! My fishmonger had some awesome wild Alaskan salmon fresh in and my honey grilled it to perfection for us! Isn't his presentation great!? On a bed of spinach and whole grains - deeeeelish!!
And, can you believe he does a garden, too?? Yup!! He's a keeper! :-) The kids are his sweet helpers and they love to come running back to me sharing their harvest with such excitement:
Aren't these fresh colors inspiring?! Yesterday's pickings were yummy on our salads. Our first batch of greens is done so we're waiting on the second round. Hopefully we'll have a lot of tomatoes this year if our little guy doesn't "harvest" too many of the green ones when we're not looking! :-)

'Til next time!!

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Anonymous said...

I want to be part of the contest too :) You know I'm a big fan of all your work... but I have to say the best thing on your blog right now for me is the picture of your delicious salmon dinner and the greens from your garden... yum!!

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