Monday, July 14

Woo Hoo - Goodies!!

Today I received an absolutely delightful and extremely generous and enormously fun package of goodies from fellow blogger and Favorite Things swap partner Dei, from Dei's Delights!!!!!
This amazingly sweet and talented and generous east coast gal blessed this little desert dweller with a beach fantasy escape! She didn't even know I DREAM to live by the ocean, she just shared some of her favorite things ... according to the swap rules ... set by According-to-Kelly.

Let's dig in I'm so excited! (No touching kiddos - this is a MOMMY gift! Let's pacify them with the beautiful ribbon so I can oogle my gorgeous goodies!) This exquisitely framed beach photo was taken by her talented hubby! MY hubby likes the super hip wood fish salad tongs as much as I do! Two design mags - does this girl have taste or what?! AND ... drum roll please ... a hurricane with two starfish frosted on the sides, plus pebbles to go in the bottom to hold a candle!! I'm just giddy - it's Christmas in July!!!
Dei, you were too kind. I couldn't have been more DEI-lighted!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Everyone, please go check out this uber-talented seamstress on her blog: You won't believe the creations she whips up and her fabulous eye for style! No doubt she'll be taking orders, soon!!

Well, as long as I'm in here, I'll show you a quick little piece that I did for my part of the swap for Dei. I had learned her favorite color was pink, so decided to spruce up the tin bucket I was going to use to hold her treats:
I painted the outside of the bucket pink, and by using a homemade stencil, left her initial to show thru in the ivory. I printed out a "D" in a nice font to the exact size. Cut it out and glued it firmly, but temporarily in place on the bucket. I removed it promptly after spraying. And here was the finished product!! Thanks to Kelly for a great swap and to Dei for your thoughtful gifts!!!

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Anonymous said...

Your words are just far too kind. Talented graphic designer and writer, you are. You are gracious in word and thoughtfulness. I am so glad you enjoyed your gifts. And by the way, I so love my personalized bucket that it now resides on my desk.

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