Friday, September 19

Leaf Print Tote Bags for Fall

Here's a little fall idea: add leaf prints to an inexpensive tote bag for a fresh seasonal look! First, collect a few leaves that are still soft and pliable. Choose a variety of kinds or three of one, like the maple that I used here:
Paint the back of the leaves with assorted fall-colored fabric paints, even blending several colors per leaf to give them more depth. (Tip: try brushing a darker color over the main veins to distinguish them.) Blot each leaf on paper towel before applying to your tote, BUT test on scrap fabric first, to see how they will look. Position over tote and press gently, but thoroughly all over the leaf to transfer the detail to the tote. (Tip: insert another paper towel inside the tote to catch any bleed through.)

I also used a "Blessings" stamp to enhance my design.

PS: Martha Stewart recently did a fabulous show on bloggers, so I will link to her blog to enter my blog "Inspiring Ideas" in her contest!! Wish me luck!


Fifi Flowers said...

Good luck with Martha... and thanks for telling me about Martha... I will have to go see what you are talking about. That bag is very NICE!

Rue said...

What a darling idea! :)

Good luck on winning!


B.J. Anderson said...

This is such a cute bag!

Traci @ The Bakery said...

OH how cute is that purse!!! I am no good at stamping....makes a mess. Great blog!!!

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Great tote bag. Love it.



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