Tuesday, October 14

Art Studio Taking Shape!

I've been receiving lots of emails asking about my art studio project. If you're new, please see some of my previous posts about this undertaking. Today I will reveal one little corner: (This is by an outside door that's never used.) We decided to move our existing office in here, too, so the now studio/office is taking a bit longer to get organized... And I have to design hubby a guy corner for his desk. Our new space is getting tremendous use, and WE LOVE IT!!!, but I can't bear to show you the rest of the space just yet!

Notice my bins/buckets? ... they were on clearance this summer at my local Targé in exactly the colors I wanted! I snapped up as many as I could fit in my cart and came back for seconds another day! They work perfect with my black metal utility shelves that were already in the room to begin with.

And I'm lovin' my new Anna Maria apron (see it hanging in the corner there?) for working at my new craft table ... ... or for kneeling on the hard garage floor priming my wood panels for my paintings! :-)


::Sylvia:: said...

Congratulations! Check out A Tad Bit Prudish and e-mail me your mailing address a.s.a.p!! :)

I'm LOVIN' that apron BTW!

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Love those storage bin colors ~ Aqua and lime green.



Jaime said...

Congratulations on winning one of my tins! You were the first one to contact me, so you get your choice of which one you'd like. :-) You can e-mail me at redrhino4 (at) sbcglobal dot net

I can also personalize it any way you'd like! Congratulations! :-)

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