Monday, March 9

Ready, Set, Spring!!!

The flowers of Spring are looking glorious!
The kids and I have enjoyed spotting new colors popping up around town.
With the new season comes some wardrobe assessment, right? If you have kids like me, you pull out last year's clothes and see what still fits. And, if your kids are little like mine, you'll find not much does. :-) So, what to do with the old stuff ....... Ebay? Craig's list? Donate? Some girls from my kids' play group have been chatting up an idea for a clothes exchange. Within our group, or maybe all the MOPS from our church. With the economic situation many of us are facing, a little passing around of clothes might be a real blessing. We haven't formulated a concrete game plan, yet, but I just went thru my daughter's spring/summer clothes from last year and bagged up quite a bit. I must admit I'm a tad sad to part with some of the adorable sun dresses, but we have a little friend just a bit younger and smaller with parents in a financial crunch and we hope they'll be just right for her.

I'm sure many of you have done exchanges/donations in the past. Have any tips for us? What are you going to do with the "too smalls" in your kids' closets? Does your church have a "clothes bank?" Please share your ideas in the comments! Thanks!!


Molly Anne said...

It must be a lot warmer where you are! We just have crocus and daffofils so far. :)

A church in town has a clothing "store" that they run and give away tons of clothes to families that need it. A friend of mine got some clothes for her daughter off craigslist to a) get clothes for her daughter (duh) and b) to meet another young mother like herself. She moved a couple years ago and was looking for a like-minded friend. :)


At every Church activity have a "This and That" table where people can bring stuff they don't need anymore and anyone at the event can look through and take what they want or need. It is very cool! Also our church has a storehouse with cloths and food and such for those that need it. Here in idaho we also have the Idaho Youth Ranch to donate stuff too.

Christin said...

I usually have a yearly yardsale, selling off all the stuff that breeds in my attic. But this year, I've felt the Lord challenge me to give away some of our excess girls clothes (I have four girls so far) to a single mom with a little girl a little older than my youngest. (we have more clothes that my youngest can wear)

But one thing that I've thought about mentioning to my church is something that I saw done during my years in YWAM: One church had a consignment store of sorts. Tons of clothes, donated by church members. with a Donation Only kind of understanding.

You gave if you could. You gave what you could. all proceeds went to the church...most likely to pass on to help others.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne, great post, can you tell us where you found the photos, especially of the Cherry Blossoms..I would like to paint them. :)

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

What beautiful pictures, Jeanne. I have absolutely no advice for you on this subject. I cannot part with my kid's old clothes! I have all of their shoes and clothes neatly organized in my attic. One day I want to have a quilt made from their clothes and blue jean pockets. I know...crazy and so many people in the world that could possibly use these clothes, but I cannot make myself part with them. Hope your swap goes well!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Your spring pictures are beautiful! We can't wait till we see our outsides blomming!
Karla & Karrie

Mandi Arrington said...

I always am looking for people who need my little kids clothes. I start with my extended family and then ask around to see if anyone else needs them. I think it is great of you to share your things with others.

grannyval said...

The pictures are great,won't be long and we will see things popping up here too.
Our church has a clothing drive once a year for children and women.MOP's also does a coat drive in the fall.Both are freeto community and our church.

All my little ones are all grown up,now enjoy being a grandma,they are growing up to fast youngest is 12 and oldest is 20 WOW that was fast!

OH almost forgot to tell you went to Hallmark today and saw your display love it lots of goodies you go girl.
Lots of love and blessings.

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

response to "loveandbutterflies":

those photos - as well as all the others on my site - were taken by me ... so grab your brushes and paint away! I'd love to see it when you're done!

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

thanks for your comments on my post over at Kimba's. It's always fun to find people that think alike on something as "fun" as meal :) I can't wait to spruce up our wardrobe with yard sale season. I need to go through our closets though. They're filled with our good buys from last year's sales, and we definitely need to clean house. :)

Katie said...

We donate our old clothes to charity, and since I take very good care of them I know someone else can get a lot of use out of them.

I wanted to tell you I gave you a shout out on my blog because I really enjoy reading your posts and the beautiful ideas you share.

Unknown said...

Our MOPS group has a "MOP SWAP" list that gets passed around each meeting. If a mom needs something she writes down what it is and then as all of the moms look at the list they bring in what was requested at the next meeting if they have it. We also email the list out to all of the moms every month or so. We also have a "MOP SHOP" list that gets passed around each meeting. If you have something at home you want to get rid of you put it on the list and then as the list gets passed around the other moms can take a look and see if they could use the item. Of course it's always for free. One more thing...we do a toy swap twice a year. Once at Christmas and once before Easter. Everybody brings in old toys that are in good condition and we sell them for a dollar at the meeting. As each mom comes in they are given a number and we get to shop through the toy line according to the number we got when we came in. Big incentive to get their early! The money goes to our MOPS group for crafts and stuff. It's our fundraiser.

SoBella Creations said...

I ebay some of my girls clothes.

You can always use the sundresses as shirts. Esp if they are short. Or put some bike shorts under them. I know with my girls the lenght is how we outgrow most of our stuff.

Anonymous said...

A kids clothing swap is a great idea. Make a few rules such as:
clothes must be freshly laundered, in good condition, and sizes clearly marked.
You bring 5 items, you are able to take up to 5 items home (in another size).
Everyone gets to pick one item before anyone picks a second item so that all have a chance to get something in the size they need.
Also determine who will be in charge of taking any left over items to a local charity.
Such a great way to practice what the early church did -- bringing what they had in common so that they could share with each as had need.

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

I'm loving all these great ideas!! Thanks everyone! I think I know what to suggest for our group, now! And, I know your stories & ideas will help many others, too!

loan modification said...

I like the way you dyed the eggs. Great stuff.

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