Thursday, September 3

Road Runners, Nail Polish, & Tea Parties

Last post I promised I'd tell you what I've been working on lately... and BOY it's REALLY exciting!! Or not, but it is the reason I've not gotten to my list of fun, creative projects, so here you go. The lazy days of August with a SAHM:

The start of some MAJOR window mistreatments that would horrify The Nester enough to drop her glue gun and fly Oprah's plane right to my back door:
Family fascination at this road runner who ever-so-softly cries "Beep Beep" each day as he passes through our yard:
A little nail polish clean up from when the now 3-year-old painted his own toes while I packed the car for our May road trip to the beach:A "color" treasure hunt around the 'hood ... an idea - one of many - I stole from the Uber Mommy Cara at :She does ALL the cool mom stuff ... and I attempt a few of them after she blogs to tell me about what I'm supposed to be doing. We invited a neighbor friend and they LOVED IT!! Next time I think we'll bring wipes & a trash bag! :-) The loot was truly treasured: Re-org of this hall linen/game/misc closet ... 5 down ... ? to go:
Tea parties with Spiderman and Ariel creatively using our beach treasure:A little laundry room clean-up:
Enjoying the beautiful backyard bushes blooming again now that the temps are getting down close to double digits again:
Hmmm, a little more nail polish in the jacuzzi. Didn't notice it through all the crayon:
Reminiscing about the one book I read this spring and wondering what ever happened to "summer reading?" My one book was actually a devotional by the golden-penned Holley Gerth - Rain on Me - which I highly recommend:Holley is a REAL writer who is too nice to tell me "golden-penned" not only doesn't make sense, it's not grammatically correct.

Oh, let's have a sip of "sea glass" and call it a day!....................
If you'd like an Inspiring Idea, try this: When short on time and money, create a semi-homemade gift or decor like an updated version of this wreath I used to sell in my shop a few years back. It was paper maché roses embellished with the Bible verse Joshua 24:15


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh that wreath is stunning! laurie

Molly Anne said...

Couldn't see the nail polish through the crayon - crack me up!

And hmm is it strange I completely understood what you meant by golden-penned?

That wreath is just lovely.

Livin’ The Yeh Life’s said...

Wow... I'm in shock to see my name! That was too sweet... thanks! Glad you enjoyed the treasure hunt. Thanks for the beautiful wreath idea. That was the girls' Bible verse this past week!

kimert said...

Stopping by from SITS! Great blog. :)

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing more great ideas. I love the wreath!

Christina said...

Oh, I do like your window treatments. And the egg-carton color walk around the neighborhood is just brilliant.

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