Thursday, July 1

Shutter Headboard & DVD winner

So, curb shoppers that you all are, you'll appreciate my latest home project. A find from almost 4 years ago that is enjoying it's 3rd life in my son's room.  

Vintage wood shutters from a little 50's ranch home! One day I was out walking with my newborn son, 1 year old daughter and extremely hyper Labrador when I spotted the treasures. Unfortunately Candid Camera was not there to capture the antics of the sleep-deprived new mom trying every possible way to fit these large, heavy shutters into or under or on her double stroller. It was not happening. As untold witnesses hid behind curtains, I had to risk returning the treasures to the curb while I hi-tailed it umpteen blocks home for the big rig ... before another eager scavenger or the garbage man found his way to Pershing Street. 

Alas, I retrieved them and they are now positioned as a headboard in "Li'l Surfer's Bedroom" , after first being painted bronze and positioned over our living room mantel for a few years. A now black coat of paint and 4 ultra long nails and we're nearing the final (for now) touches on my son's bedroom:
His beach-themed bedroom, complete with Lamby and Ducky, is a nod to our favorite vacation spot, the California coast, since we actually live in the desert. :-)
His room needed some weight and the black did just the trick. Offsets the feminine scallops on the bedding ... :-) OK, he's 3, how much longer can I go with it?  :-) This "Down by the Seashore" plaque was a gift, and is the centerpiece of the new headboard:
And here are my beach babies pretending to sleep on the boy's updated bed:

And now for the winner of DaySpring's 3 Really Woolly DVD's: Mandi Arrington You've won!! Email me your address and I'll pop them out to you! Congrats!


Christina said...

I love it! (Actually I love both the new headboard and the story of how you acquired the shutter.) I'll bet your little guys is loving his new room!

Southern Gal said...

What sweet tow headed babies you have! Love the shutter idea. Can you please come to my house and decorate? From one fellow beach bum to another.

Mandi Arrington said...

I am sooo excited that I won! I NEVER win. I just sent you my address in an email. Thanks again

w said...

love the shutters as a headboard!

also. dang. i missed out on a great giveaway.

Anonymous said...

hey everyone just joined here want to say hi !
i m glad to join here hope i make good friends,learn something and give something back to community !

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