Thursday, April 28

Girl's 6th Birthday - A Jewel Party Part 2

More about the Jewel Party! :-) It was a success, but it took a lot of planning - mainly because I couldn't find any similar jewel themed parties online to copy! Ha! So, if you have a little girls party coming up - feel free to save yourself some time and use these ideas -- they'll have a blast!

As guests arrived they each chose a Jewel Tattoo - to put on their cheek, ankle, hand, etc. Oriental Trading sells them by the dozen:

Next - with all their excess energy, we sent the girls on a Treasure / Jewel Hunt. I had already hidden about 6 eggs, each with a clue to the next egg. I used silly phrases like "'Wii' love sparkle" and "How many 'carrots' is this emerald" to send them off to the tv room and garden, etc. The last egg was sitting on a treasure box of jewel prizes: Ring Pops, Candy bracelets and coil bracelets.

Then we headed to the table for crafts. 12 places were set with a wooden jewelry box, snap bracelet and 2 cups of self-sticking jewels. Most supplies came from Oriental Trading. I also set out paints and glitter glue for each to decorate as they pleased:
note: the jewelry boxes came in unfinished wood, so I spray painted some pink and some white ahead of time. I also had glue on hand in case some of the peel-n-stick jewels needed extra help sticking.

The girls just went to town glitzing up their treasures.

Next up was a Jewel Walk. Much like a cake walk, but with jewelry prizes, of course! I printed out 14 numbered jewels (12 girls plus little brother and his friend! so cute to join in with all the girls!) and taped them in an oval on the patio. In case you've never done a cake walk ... you play music and all kids walk around the circle. Stop the music, draw a number. Whoever is standing on that numbered jewel at that time gets to come pick their prize. Then start the music and keep going until you get the last person so everyone gets a prize.
 The girls chose a necklace and flowered jewel ring:

Next activity was a Jewel-studded Crown Pinata:
Anxious little feet awaiting their turn to whack the pinata!

Time for cupcakes and other treats. Then presents and that was a 2-hour party! Success! Phew!

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Anonymous said...

super cute!!!! i love these ideas!!!!

Unknown said...

How fun!! I love all of your ideas. I have a 2 year old girl, so I will have to save these ideas for when she is older.

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