Friday, April 22

Kids Easter Party - Krispie Egg Treats

Heading to a Kids Easter Party with krispie egg treats in hand!

Rice Krispie treats have been made into every imaginable shape, so I thought I'd try eggs for this Easter party. It's easy enough for little kids to help and mine loved it! We sprayed regular size plastic eggs with cooking spray ... along with our clean fingers. Mush a glob into one end of the egg and squish down with the other side until it closes. Open and voila:

We mixed colored Easter sprinkles right into the cereal. Then since these are for a kids' party we had to add some more fun color:

These bright glitter gel tubes were easy enough for the kids. We just did the top part since it seems like the gel will take a long time to dry:
Off to celebrate Easter at the park!


Heidi said...

Great idea! I'll save for next year!

Jazmin said...

This is a wonderful I idea. I'm joint to try it next week :)

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