Monday, July 25

Hot Summer Field Trip to a Cool Art Museum

Saturday I took my daughter to our local art museum for a special "girl outing." What a way to beat the summer heat – a nice air-conditioned educational and fun outing!
She's very interested in art and is quite talented, I must say! :-) Many nights she asks to talk about art. We were in NYC recently and took the kids to the Met. [Metropolitan Museum of Art.] She was enthralled with the impressionists and quite taken with a Degas ballerina bronze sculpture. It's so special to see something of "me" in my daughter, since physically I see no resemblance! Anyone else in that boat?
At the end of the exhibit there was space for the kids to create their own art - with a treasure trove of supplies! My budding photographer wanted to take my picture in the museum entrance garden holding her "mixed-media landscape" of that same spot.

What summer escapes have you done with your kids this year? How are you beating the heat? Please share your fun, inspiring ideas!


Kristen @ Busy Kids = Happy Mom said...

Love it! We're hoping to do a Lego exhibit at a local museum soon. Today it's building forts and playing with star wars!

Livin’ The Yeh Life’s said...

So fun! I'd love to see her artwork; I'm sure it's amazing.

Mom said...

I want to see the artwork of Ava.

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