Thursday, December 22

Kids Christmas Craft Party - Dipped Pretzels and Alphabet Block Ornaments

I hosted my 2nd Annual Kids Christmas Craft Party yesterday! It was so much fun! There were about a dozen moms and 25 kids, ages 3-9. They painted, beaded, freeze danced and pretty much ran wild for 2 hours. :-) I simplified things a bit from last year and organized just three craft areas. The main project was alphabet block ornaments using their kids' school pics:
I made my samples up a few days earlier to practice and the ladies did SO good making their own and I totally forgot to take pictures!! We used both the big ones from Circo and the smaller classic wood alphabet blocks. I had loads of paints - acrylic and glitter; decoupage, glitter glue, sprinkle glitter, cut out paper squares and they all chose their own colors and which sides of the blocks to cover or let show:
Cut your child's picture the size of one panel and glue/decoupage on first. Then frame it in glitter glue and decorate the remaining sides as you please. I kept one side showing with their initial. Then papered or painted the remaining sides and wrote on their age one one and "2011" on the other. Screw a cup or eye hook into the top, add a ribbon and it's ready to gift or hang on your Christmas tree!
The second craft was assorted wood ornaments to paint and glitter - wreaths, angels, candy canes and bells. The third station was at the kitchen island making beaded candy cane ornaments. I had little colored bags to write their names on and tuck their finished projects in to take home. Drink bottles were available with their names on for ease of keeping track:
And every guest left with a chocolate and/or almond bark dipped pretzel rod:
with a Merry Christmas note from the kids:
Notes: Use a cooling rack as a drying rack since all things glitter take a LONG time to dry. Have some paper plates for the ladies to carry the still wet projects home on.

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Becky said...

Sweet ideas! You amaze me - 25 kids in your house just days before Christmas? Fun, fun, fun. And slightly crazy, but I'm just jealous! Thank you for sharing these photos! I might steal the dipped pretzel rod idea - simple yet classy! Love it! Merry Christmas, Jeanne!

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