Tuesday, February 21

Vintage Art - Vintage Restorations

If you know my art, then you know my love for vintage. At the Las Vegas Market we saw fabulous restorations of vintage refrigerators, gas pumps and popcorn machines in the Made in the USA booth. Turns out the display was of Rick's Restorations – known as American Restoration on the History Channel – manned by Rick's brother!  He encouraged us to stop by their location just a few blocks from Market Center:
Of course, we couldn't resist, so we popped in the next morning before hitting the show floor.
 We met Rick's team and took the quick tour. Here's Rick in the denim cut-off shirt filming a segment:
They take relics that look completely hopeless with the decay of this world and restore them to such charming, gleaming beauty – they're given a whole. new. life. What a perfect illustration of what Jesus does for us!

While there, we met fellow market attendees, the Staubs from Bellevue, Washington. Here's the lovely Kathryn:
When asked what kind of store they had, Kathryn said to me "The kind you'd love!" And then they showed us pictures of their shop "Common Folk  Co." and YES! She was right! I totally loved it without even stepping foot inside - gorgeous wood floors with vintage tables stylishly displaying jewelry, hats, scarfs, pillows, etc. If you're near Bellevue, definitely worth a stop into Common Folk for "Gifts they'll love you for!"

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