Tuesday, June 12

Travel Goody Bag for Kids' Friends

We are SO enjoying our summer break from school these past few weeks! I hope you are as well! Gorgeous weather and loads of fun activities, festive gatherings and relaxed conversations. Also with summer vacation come lots of family trips. Very often our kids' friends have travel plans that don't coincide with our own, so they are sad to see their little companions going away for weeks at a time. My two are starting to experience that this week. We decided to send off two of their little Besties with a treat bag for the road trip:
Since we didn't plan ahead, but were heading near their house today, we used what we had on hand – 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of bright colored paper. Each of my kids drew pictures and decorated the paper, which we simply folded in half and stapled to make a pocket. They each selected an appropriate coloring page to color and cut out:
My son colored pictures of Bey Blades to decorate the outside and to tuck inside for his little buddy. My daughter drew more elaborate scenes on the outside and coloring page art for the inside. Then they hand-selected two suckers and a Fruit by the Foot for each Goody Bag:
They found a few other gift treasures for their friends, we sealed the top with instructions to not open until they were on the road and away we went to deliver our "We'll miss you while you're away Vacation Goody Bags." 

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