Thursday, July 19

Hostess Gifts and Giveaway News For Next Week!

We just returned from a two week vacation  – visiting friends and family in Wisconsin and Minnesota. It was SO refreshing to chat with long-time friends, while enjoying the casualness that is classic midwest summer. The kids had such a good time and bonded quickly with little ones they hadn't seen in a year, or some even longer. Happy kids make for happy travels!

With this trip came a fair share of house hopping - staying with good friends and being blessed by their warm hospitality. In some situations a hotel is the best choice, but it's such a treat to stay with dear, dear friends. It's a memorable night when the kids are all tucked in and the adults linger over heart-to-heart conversations.

Due to packing light, I wasn't able to carry hostess gifts with me on the plane. When visiting in the summer I'm sometimes able to thank the hosts with a fresh flower bouquet from the local farmer's market – which I was able to do in Minneapolis:
We selected a few souvenir gifts for the children from the airport or our local gift shop that reflect something about our life in the southwest. We take others out for dinner to say "thank you." And for all, I'll be getting out a proper Thank You card in the snail mail ... soon! :-) When I have a moment to go through the trip photos I'll design a card using one that perfectly captures the joy of our travels!

What about you? Do you have any go-to hostess gift ideas you use when traveling?
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NEWS: stay tuned next week when I show you what treasures arrived on my doorstep and announce a big GIVEAWAY!!

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Momx6 said...

Love all your canvasses! I never win, but I can hope! Love...
1. Blessings
2. Amazing Grace
3. Give Thanks

Thank you for hosting a give-away!

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