Tuesday, August 7

Kids' Junior Olympics Party Ideas

My kids and I just hosted 21 kids here for a backyard Junior Olympics Party. 
They had so much fun! We've been enjoying all the events on tv and it's totally inspired my kids to get out and compete! This is the first Olympics they can understand, so each night as we watch the array of sports it's a real education.
Water bottles with the athletes' names keeps things simple and organized. 
Girls in red, boys in blue along with "Junior Olympics 2012" and the iconic Olympic rings:
Our Olympic Torch was a sparkly silver party hat turned upside down. Orange paper and pink tissue paper create our "flames." An old jar candle holder becomes our Olympic cauldron centerpiece:
The party 'favors' and cheering accessories were ribbon wands:
Both Michael's and Lowes had 5/16 inch wood dowels. This was a good diameter in which to screw little eye hooks in one end. I believe they were 3 feet long and we sawed them in half.
I used leftover jewelry supplies  – two silver connecting rings on which to safety pin three assorted ribbons in our red, white and blue. I'm not even sure the rings are that necessary if you want to keep things simple. 
Ribbons flowed about two feet and were arranged in a bucket until our first medal ceremony:
The kids' ages ranged from about two to 11, not counting one precious newborn. :-) Our party was scheduled to go 4 hours – from 1 to 5pm. Half way through our competitions we retreated to the Olympic Village commissary for snacks:
The olympic rings' colors and design formed our food theme. We offered plain and blueberry bagels covered in cream cheese and colored cake decorating gel. Nutella colored our black 'ring.' The kids had their fill of bagels and bowls of similarly-colored fruit, thankfully brought by the moms.
One lovely friend used her pastry skills to treat us all with these scrumptious creme-filled cupcakes!
Go Team U.S.A!! 'Til next time when we look at the medals and games!

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