Tuesday, October 9

Fall Decorating with Gourds

Pumpkins and gourds – are they fall decorating staples at your house? We picked up a mixed bag of interesting gourds the other day and turned a few into this coffee table centerpiece trio:
I can't handle the ones super warty ones, but some of the shapes they come in are pretty cool. I like the one on the far left above. I'm using vases and a footed plate from my pewter collection that normally sits atop my kitchen cabinets.
How are you decorating with little pumpkins and mini gourds this year? See lots of fall ideas at this linkup.

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Christina said...

I bought a bag of mixed gourds and little pumpkins this year too. My five-year-old has taken them on as his own special project and rearranges them frequently. Right now they're all lined up on top of the piano. : )

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