Tuesday, October 8

Rubik's Cube Birthday Party - Part 2

If one of your kids or family members are in a Rubik's Cube phase, here are some more ideas from my son's recent birthday party. (for the cake and other party ideas see my first party post here.)
 The centerpiece of the fiesta was this homemade pinata I made.
Assorted Rubik's Cube puzzles decorated the lunch table:
Paper cubes that coordinated with the invites hung from the lights:
 The first activity after my son's kids arrived was a contest to melt a frozen popsicle the fastest. Here's a group of them holding theirs against the hot patio:
 And first place goes to:
Next we formed two teams and did a relay of filling a bucket using a sponge and water:
Then we were ready to jump in the pool for more racing games:
WooHoo!  Thanks for stopping by!!

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