Tuesday, March 22

Easter Egg Stuffer Ideas for Little Ones

Ages ago when my daughter's first Easter came along she was almost one. We were excited newbie parents and wanted her to have the excitement of "hunting" for and opening Easter eggs. Of course - these things are really more about our excitement than theirs at that age, right? Well, I wasn't going to give my precious firstborn candy! Tee hee! The first thing that popped into my mind was animal crackers.
So, that is what she opened on her first Easter over 10 years ago – animal crackers and Cheerios. Just opening an egg to find a surprise inside was exciting. Well, after Easter several other mommies were surprised at my choice of stuffers – they lamented having to put candy in their children's eggs – Because that's just how it was done – and wished they had done something "healthier."

This post is JUST IN CASE, you've got little ones or toddlers and don't want to have their teeth full of sugary jelly beans either. Goldfish would be a nice treat, too, if your child doesn't eat them on an hourly basis and would consider them fun to find inside. Something not too sugary; simple and fun for a little tot. Of course, as they get older chocolate is really the best choice given its nutritional value. Wink. Wink. Or mints or money are also safe Easter egg stuffing choices. Please share your ideas in the comments!

AND please type "Easter" in the search bar on the right to see my more inspirational Christ-focused Easter celebration ideas! Happy Easter - Christ is risen!
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