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My book, Inspirational Home: simple ideas for uplifting decor and craft, was a "labor of love," as they say! It was birthed to encourage you to surround yourself and your family with God's loving words, to share those hopeful words with others, and to do it all with thoughtful style! I really hope you will use it as a fun resource for a long time. The 128 pages of design, craft and gift ideas all show how to infuse your faith into your home, celebrations and life! in unique ways. Every project comes with clear, colorful photos, step-by-step instructions and materials lists.

All the ideas are easily adaptable to suit your personal color and style tastes, AND your level of crafting experience. (Note: you don't even have to be a crafter! I've had many "craft-challenged" women use these ideas in their simplest form with very little effort!)

This hardcover book features uplifting design in four sections:
  • Inspiring Accents
  • Artistic Walls
  • Fresh Florals
  • Delightful Favors
You'll see how to create cheerful tabletop accents, artistic wall adornments, sensational floral arrangements and delightful favors. You can enhance your home with meaningful decor and joyful messages. Use these ideas to help your home be an encouraging oasis!

You can read more or purchase Inspirational Home in my Etsy store. It's also available at:
Look inside or purchase Inspirational Home at Amazon.
Look inside or purchase Inspirational Home at DaySpring.
Look inside or purchase Inspirational Home at Barnes & Noble.

Reader Comments:
"Wow! This book is so beautiful!"
"What great ideas! I can't wait to make them."
"A great house-warming gift!"
"Your book is so creative! I just keep looking at it - it's so pretty."
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