Saturday, April 19

Celebrate May Day!

I love May Baskets. Did any of you make these as a child? I remember making them in school ... along with dancing around the Maypole. We decorated little paper cups, poked holes in them, strung ribbon through to make a handle, filled them with assorted candy and then delivered them to our friends. For some reason, they were to be anonymous. So we hung them on the door knob or set them on the step, rang the bell and ran! Sounds very silly as I write this, but that is what we did.As an adult, I've enjoyed delivering May baskets filled with fresh flowers. Since it is not that common a tradition, I've been able to pleasantly surprise a number of friends and neighbors.

Consider sharing one or more yourself this May 1st with a little blessing sentiment attached. If using fresh flowers, be sure your "basket" can hold enough water. I decorated a plastic cup with a colorfully-patterned paper, punched holes for my cording handle, and printed out a little paper tag. Use simple blossoms from your garden if you have them, or pick up an inexpensive bouquet from the store and divide the stems between a few baskets. The surprise is the most fun, so don't fret too much about buying expensive flowers - or use candy instead.

Let me know how it goes!!

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Jim @ said...

I had never heard of this. I saw one with some candy instead of flowers which would be pretty cool!

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