Wednesday, May 28

The Big Project

Remember I mentioned a wonderful Mother's Day present?
Well, here it is ... Don't you love it???
What? You're not getting goosebumps??
Well ... you THINK you're looking at a whopper of a mess ... but what you're REALLY seeing is ... drum roll, please ...

YES! I'm ecstatic!! Our home has this "spare" room that we've gone around and around on for the past year - what to make it? We started to decorate and turn it into a guest room ... for about a week. Then, since homes in our area lack basements, (we're from northern states where homes have large basements and attics and one can amass unseemly amounts of stuff) we decided it would be more useful as a storage/work area. Well, every month it became more "storage" and less "work." So, for Mother's Day, my husband offered me the space to make into a studio!!! We spent that whole Saturday moving boxes and industrial shelving out. Believe it or not, these photos were actually taken after that! Yup, it was bad. I have a long way to go to have a fun & functional room, but I'll get there!!

For me, it was the PERFECT Mother's Day gift! PS: I was also treated to a delicioso homemade chocolate souffle with fresh creme and raspberry sauce. (photo taken before they remembered the sauce! :-) )

Please send me any fun work space ideas you have, storage tips and tricks and I'll post glimpses of my Big Project progress along the journey!!


Eleanor Joyce said...

Can't wait to see how you get this all set up.
I wanted to invite you to enter the giveaway contest on my blog. The magazine definitely looks like "your style"!

Heidi said...

Yay for your new studio AND Yum to your dessert!!!!

Thinkoutsidethebox2008 said...

Hi..just discovered your fabulous blog via the onthedotcreations blog. You had entered into my giveaway of Julie's big blogiversary celebration.I love reading the comments left about who likes what from my shop and if there's a link available of the poster then I click on it to check out a bit about everyone. I know this particular post is older but I was inspired by your big project. If you are using the space for your studio and in need of large amount of shelf space for it then..those big 'ol honkin' industrial shelves you have removed from the room are actually quite impressive for great shelf space. Because they tend to be very wide shelves the industrial units work the best BUT you and I both know that they are wretched to look at. My tip for you is to cover the top metal perimeter with velcro and then attach velcro to the top portion of some great fabric (store bought curtains work great because they are available in many different lengths!)and attach the fabric w/velcro to the velcro atop the metal frame. It is best to utilize two fabric on each side of the shelf and have them each meet at the center. This allows for easy access to items on the shelves. It really ends up to be both beautiful and functional> Why spend more $ when you can repurpose the items you already have? You can even get more crafty by attaching some beautiful trim around the top of the fabric too..or string together some great shells, pinecones or whatever your decor will be. I'd say give it a is a very inexpensive alternative and a minimal investment...if you don't end up liking it then you really are only out a few bucks. (If you have little ones around the house..instead of curtain panels..get a cheap canvas painters tarp from the hardware center and have them participate in decorating by adding their artwork to the canvas..and then add velcro, hang and voila! A beautiful multi-purpose one of a kind piece of artwork/shelf space!

Unknown said...

Thanks for linking up! That souffle picture is fantastic! It looks soooo yummy - what a lovely treat.

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