Monday, August 25

Coming soon ...

I am so excited!!
My art prints are ALMOST ready!! I completed several paintings that I've had in sketch form FOREVER. So, I'm making prints and I hope to list them on very soon!! Here's a teaser peak at the originals leaning against the wall ... AND I've also been busy with my big Studio Project.
We - and by we I mean hubby and friend - put in a [fake] wood floor! I love it!!
Does he look tired? Hmmm, install flooring or watch 4 toddlers ... install flooring ... watch 4 toddlers ... who had the more tiring day? :-)

AND, here's a little project sneak peak:
...this awesome city dump find has found new life! It's almost into it's new home, so I'll show you how I transformed it shortly!!

What a busy summer! Is it almost Labor Day, already???


Rae said...

Ooh, ahh! I love the tranquility of your color palette! You're such a tease...can't wait to see all of your exciting projects!!

RoverHaus said...

Wow, he does look tired. His face went all fuzzy!

Can't wait to see the prints!

Dei said...

Oh, I am so jealous. Your house is gorgeous. I keep seeing these tranquil colors...awfully reminiscent of the beach. Hmmm, I wonder. :)

Precision Quality Laser said...

Oh my have FOUR TODDLERS? When do you find the time to do all this inspirational crafting??? I only have three toddlers and I find myself up late at night if I want to get something done :)

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