Tuesday, August 5

"Hope" Candle Tag

Now that summer is almost over, I decided it was about time to swap out my dark red mantel candles for a lighter seasonal look! :-) These pale blue ones will do the trick, but I decided to embellish them with a little tag for a custom look.
assorted papers
alphabet stamps or computer
metal tag
hole punch
Measure your metal tag. Stamp "hope" onto scrapbooking paper or design your tag on the computer and cut it out a touch smaller than the tag. Glue it on. Punch the hole. Cut a coordinating paper band to wrap around the candle and glue overlapping ends in back to secure in place. Thread ribbon through holes and tie around candle. Trim ends.


Lori said...

Oh I love this I am saving this idea.

Rae said...

I couldn't agree more! Thank you for showing us how to make this terrific project!!

RedLan said...

great artwork!


RoverHaus said...

It's not fair that some people get to be so creative!

But we love it at the same time!

Thanks for sharing your brilliance with us!

Anonymous said...

Jeanne, these things are so beautiful! I love the "bless this nest" painting. Great pictures of the hike, too! - Angie M

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