Saturday, June 27

Red, White & Blue

Happy Saturday, everyone!
I thought it's about time I got a little festive for the 4th of July! It seems with every relocation, I lose a little more of my patriotic decor. We're often traveling that week, so I rarely have opportunity for red, white and blue themed entertaining anyway. But I did find a little American flag that I nestled into a reed diffuser; and added a red satin ribbon accent:And pulled out this neat red silk cording:I made a little "Freedom" tag, and with the cording, embellished a cute candle jar. Independence Day is one week from today! Let's celebrate our country's unique heritage.

NOTE: I just added 5 x 7 print sizes of my art in my Etsy store.


Mom said...

And the day after Independence Day, A wish for a Happy Birthday. Missed being a fire cracker but you have fire and spark in you.
love you, mom said...

I love the decoratorions, I like to decorate for July fourth as well

stopping by from SITS to say hello

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

Hi Jeanne! I believe it was you that I read about in the ORU publication this month...forgive me if I'm mistaken...but I thought it was you! I too am a ORU student with 3 kids there this fall! Loved the article and your inspiring words and items you make. I thought it was wonderful!

Molly Anne said...

I don't do much decorating for the 4th and so I really like those little, easy touches.

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