Tuesday, September 21

Personalize a Backpack & Lunchbox

So, I'm finally getting around to telling you about my SCORE!!! for my daughter's school backpack and lunch bag. DownEast had [and maybe still has so go RUN now if you need something] piles of Pottery Barn gear at ridiculous low prices. (read to the end to see the unbelievable price I paid!) The catch is they're already monogrammed ... hmmm ... so what good is a steal if your child's name isn't Madison, Cami, Aidan or whoever else is hangin' out on the shelves? You PATCH IT!!
Yup, I tried to pick off the monogram ... which might work for you, but I was worried about the reverse/inside plastic lining starting to rip.
So, I went to plan B. I Etsy'd and googled for embroidered applique and found a gazillion adorable shops selling any design you could imagine. Super cute styles and designer fabrics. Unfortunately for me, I had very little time left before school was to begin, so I had fewer store options. Tip: plan ahead or find someone local, as few shops could mail me an iron-on applique quickly. Still, with my limited choices/sizing I think they turned out cute. A friend had her son's monogram embroidered locally on a sewn-on patch. In the end my iron-ons didn't adhere perfectly in every spot, so I also dabbed on a little super glue to be safe!  :-)
Now, can you believe, I paid less than $7 for the backpack and lunch bag combined!!! Then about $5 including shipping for my two appliques! Pottery Barn Fairfax collection is $48 retail plus $13 monogramming!
Go stock up if you have a DownEast near you. Backpacks, luggage & lunch bags in loads of styles!!


Unknown said...

Patching it...AWESOME! Thanks for visiting during my SITS Day!

So Sunny Day said...

oh that is a great idea! And I love the patches you chose :)

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

Taylor Stoddard said...

Love this idea! :)

Visiting from SITS.

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