Monday, November 1

Kids Craft - Marble Art Leaves Tutorial

Today I have a kid's craft idea for you. We've been making Marble Art leaves for several weeks now.  The kids love them, so it's been a fun to do with just us and with play groups.
paper / leaf coloring pages
4+ marbles
foil muffin pan
covered foil cake pan(s)
washable paints

Print out some leaf coloring pages and have the kids cut out their own leaf shape. Sometimes I cut random leaf shapes freehand ahead of time for them, especially with preschoolers. 

While they're cutting, you can ready the paints. In a foil muffin pan mix your colors. I usually do yellow, orange, red and brown. I took these pics after our paints had dried, but you'll get the idea. Be sure you're using washable paints! [brown is made by mixing all 3 primary colors: red, yellow, blue.] Drop a marble in each muffin cup and roll it around until it's full of paint:
Put craft aprons on the kids and let them at it!  Put the child's paper leaf in the bottom of the cake pan. They can pick up one colored marble at a time and drop it right on the leaf:
Cover the pan and shake it from side to side:
 Take off the cover and put in a marble of a different color. Repeat until they like how their leaf looks!

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Livin’ The Yeh Life’s said...

SO fun! We will be trying it... :)

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