Friday, December 17

Glass Dome Christmas Decorating

I am IN LOVE with this pedestal & glass dome set from Blessings Unlimited. I ordered it just in time to start my Christmas decorating:
It reads: "Grace and Peace be yours in abundance" 1 Peter 1:2, both on the glass dome and the base of the pedestal:
Isn't it gorgeous? This piece has found a new home on my kitchen island. Can't wait to decorate it different ways throughout the seasons and holidays! I love SIMPLE ways to infuse my home with scripture AND make it look pretty. If you like it too and want to see what else they offer visit Blessings Unlimited to view their catalog online. They are a direct sales company with exclusive product offered through home Gatherings. If you're interested in ordering or even being a consultant, drop me a line! (wink wink)


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

How beautiful!! I agree with you, it's so nice to have God's words around the house. Wonderful reminders of His goodness!

joyh said...

What a beautiful scripture and beautiful home decoration :)

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