Thursday, December 16

Wrap up Those Gift Cards - teacher gifts

Christmas is coming up SO fast! Tomorrow is the last day of school before Christmas break! Last year I talked about giving my kids' teachers gift cards for Christmas. I made little tetrahedron boxes for a nice gift card presentation and posted a tutorial.
Well, a little while ago I discovered something similar, but cuter IMO - "Petal Pockets" from Create Studio. So this year I gave them a try for our teacher gift cards. I was going to have the kids design/color a pocket fold holder idea I also had, but there is just no time, considering my daughter has 2 teachers and my son has 4!! These two box ideas hold a card and chocolate or other little treat quite nicely and are pretty easy to throw together:
Basically, it's four curved sides, or three straight sides.
I used blue & brown snowflake patterns with narrow satin ribbon for my son, and red & pink with curly ribbon for my daughter. A little message tag attaches to the ribbon and we're ready for Christmas parties tomorrow!
Visit the links at top for either tutorial. Enjoy!

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Sarah said...

Jeanne, these look great!
-Sarah from Create Studio

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