Friday, September 16

Ice Cream Cake Recipe ... no chocolate?

My son requested another ice cream cake for his birthday this year ... but "no chocolate!"
WHAAAAAAAAAAT? No chocolate?? Eee gads!! Should we keep him?!   :-)
What's a mother to do?!

Why, make him an ice cream cake of course, even it's without our beloved food of the gods - chocolate. Last summer I first detailed our recipe for ice cream cake for that birthday party. If you want a big dose of chocolate, check that one out. To start this recipe:

Recipe for no chocolote Ice Cream Cake:
Crush about 25 vanilla or other flavor sandwich cookies and mix with 1/4 cup melted butter. Press into bottom of 9 inch springform pan. Stand 10 oatmeal or other large crispybcookies around the rim:

Fill the bottom with softened ice cream, mushing it in and leveling – we used a vanilla with peanuty pretzel things in it. Pop into the freezer to set up for about 15 minutes, depending on how soft you had it. Then use a second flavor to scoop into balls for your top layer. Here he chose peanut butter cup.
Cover and freeze until ready to serve.
Set out a buffet of toppings: all sorts of sprinkles, chocolate and carmel syrups, nuts and whipped cream. Here's daddy's choice:
My son's was covered in a wave of sprinkles, a dollup of whipped cream ... and NO chocolate!  :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks SO good! Thanks for sharing.

Suzanne said...

Found you from SITS, have to say, that looks amazing--yum!

Tabby Giant said...

Wow, it looks so unique! I love those cookies and ice cream, maybe on the next day I’ll try this out making a castle style only using cookies and adding a Glaze of chocolate at the top of ice cream. Thank you.

Doll House said...

The cake looks divine! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe with us!

LisaDay said...

That looks absolutely delicious. I would need some sort of chocolate toppping.


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