Wednesday, December 5

3rd Annual Kids' Christmas Craft Party!

We Winters are busy bees this week. We're planning our 3rd Annual Kid's Christmas Craft Party! This is so fun for my kids to treat all their friends to a fun party to celebrate Christmas. We host it the first weekday afternoon of Christmas break.
Today we practiced one project - a version of a button Christmas tree ornament idea I found here
My kids LOVED it! Both were able to do it completely themselves after a few simple instructions and wanted to make a second tree immediately! They had a blast picking out sizes and colors from the button heap.
It was quite easy for their little hands to thread the buttons onto pipe cleaners.
We used a pipe cleaner bent in half, so both ends went through two holes of each button. This held everything together nicely and surprisingly fit through even quite small button holes. They completed a tree in 15-20 minutes. Topped with a star bead and then accessory ribbon.
The supplies list: 
10-11 flat buttons for the tree, plus 3 small ones to make the trunk.
pipe cleaner
star bead or other cute charm
ribbon for hanging
BONUS IDEA: Some of the moms have their kids give their collection of handmade treasures from the party to the Dads at Christmas.

We have two more ornament crafts we'll be making samples of for our guests and I'll show you those soon! To see some of our past Christmas projects - here are links to last year's kid's party:
Kid's Christmas Craft Party
Kid's Christmas Craft Party Alphabet Block Ornaments
Kid's Christmas Craft Party Glitter Ornaments Tutorial

and at the first year's party our main project was this:
Kid's Christmas Craft Party Silver Fingerprint Pendants


Stephanie said...

I love this idea - actually BOTH ideas! The craft party and the button ornament itself! Thanks!

Paloma said...

Very cute! Love it!

Pro Gait Analysis said...

Love the button tree, what a brilliant idea!

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