Saturday, December 15

Christmas Gingerbread Houses

Do you make or decorate a gingerbread house at your home during Christmas? If you have kids, its a fun treat – kids of any age, right?! Sunday afternoon my kids tried their hand at decorating this adorable Christmas snow cottage:
They're a little young for the build-your-own gingerbread scene, so pre-assembled works great for us. About the second of November I picked up this gingerbread house on clearance at Target for about $4:
But, naturally we go in our own direction. :-) The kids get to eat the orange gumdrops and black bats while they decorate since they're entirely inappropriate for our sweet snow cottage! :-) I dyed the orange frosting brown and used it as the ground cover in which to stick all the cereal, marshmallows and assorted lawn trimmings. I piled oodles of possible decorating candies and snacks and treats on the island from which they could pick whatever they wanted.
They did almost everything by themselves. They had been filled with inspiration after a Friday night on our downtown's Gingerbread Christmas House Tour. Have to capture it quick with the camera, as at this age, they are mostly just interested in eating it! :-)

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Southern Gal said...

That's a great idea! I need to think ahead like that.

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