Tuesday, March 26

Easter Egg Paper Craft Tutorial for Kids!

 After school the kids had fun doing a messy Easter egg paper craft:

We used shaving cream to create custom marbled designs on paper Easter eggs.
First we cut out a bunch of egg shapes from card stock. 
They each had a glass pie plate and a can of shaving cream in their station

After filling the plate with shaving cream, use toothpicks to swirl drops of food color around.
Press the paper egg flat into the cream, pressing down to remove air pockets.
 Here's what it looks like after squishing the paper into the design:
Carefully peel up your egg keeping as much cream in the plate or bowl as possible. Here are some of our paper egg patterns drying:
Once they're dry, take a dry napkin or paper towel and wipe off any remaining shaving cream residue. Then you can turn your masterpieces into Easter cards, place setting accents or home decorations. We'll be stringing ours together on a pretty ribbon to decorate!

BUT ... while your pretty designs are drying ... fill another pie plate or glass bowl with clean shaving cream for the kids to dig in and play with!!

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Becky said...

What a great idea! I think I'll try it this week with my girls. Thanks, Jeanne! Happy Easter to you and your family!

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