Tuesday, December 16

Kids' Photo Ornament Keepsake Craft Tutorial

Our 5th Annual Kids' Christmas Craft Party is this week! It's one of the highlights of our month. This year we'll be doing another photo ornament keepsake. Capturing our kids' faces at these precious young ages creates a sweet memento.
We'll be using little birch disks I found at Michael's, so the supply list is short:
• round wood disks
• eye hooks
• decoupage glue
• small brush
• small portrait photo
• Sharpie marking pens (assorted colors)
• glitter glue pens (assorted colors)
• thin hanging ribbon
Step 1: screw in one eye hook to the rim/side of each wood disk. 
Step 2: ask each child to draw a picture, create a design or write something on one side of the disk with the Sharpie pens. There!–You're capturing their artwork, too!
Step 3: cut the child's photo in a circle just a touch smaller than the wood disk. (The disks I bought at Michael's were assorted sizes.)
Step 4: brush decoupage glue onto the reverse side of the disk and adhere the photo.
Step 5: let dry for a couple minutes.
Step 6: decorate and hide the photo edge with glitter glue.
Step 7: string ribbon for hanging
There you go – a cute keepsake ornament for 2014 with your child's face and art!

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