Wednesday, June 4

Custom Glass Keepsake

This week I have the wonderful opportunity to be guest hostess at a fun creative group blog: JustBeConnected. Today I'm sharing one of the projects from my book Inspirational Home: simple ideas for uplifting decor and craft over there, so I thought I would do the same here! :-)

Custom Glass Keepsake

"A treasured photo secured between two pieces of glass presents a new twist to traditional stained glass window art. The artwork gives the glass a frosted look, yet still allows light to shine through. The photo is enhanced with a translucent quality, and an applicable scripture is typed below it. Hang this special piece in your kitchen window for maximum exposure."

2 squares of clear glass
copper tape
extra strong glue
copper wire
clear adhesive label paper


1. Convert your photo into a sepia or duotone image. My example is a duotone of aqua and copper. (Your local copy center can help you, or use a photo program on your computer.)
2. Add a verse and decorative symbols to your image. Print onto clear adhesive label paper, or make a mock-up of your picture and a verse and color copy it onto the label paper.
3. Peel and stick the artwork between the two squares of glass.
4. Tape around the edges of the glass with the copper, in order to bind the two pieces together.
5. Bend and adhere two wire loops to the top edge for hanging.
6. Bead, bend and glue a decorative wire design on the bottom edge.
7. String and tie a ribbon for hanging.

Give cream ribbon a bath in watered-down aqua paint overnight to create more depth and a worn look.

I hope you have fun with this! I'd love for you to email me your photos when you're done!


kelly said...

what a beautiful project! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Very professional and beautiful! I need to remember this one for a gift!
Thanks Jen

Dei said...

Jeanne, I absolutely love your blog. It's so everything. I love its style, the color choice, fonts, layout. Congratulations on your business. Much success.

Anonymous said...

This is just lovely--thanks! :)

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