Tuesday, July 1

Birthday Contest!!

Happy July 1st!!
To celebrate the fabulous month of July ... my birthday month :-) ... I am hosting a Giveaway/Contest!!I will give away this lovely 5x7 framed sentiment. It's a wonderful taupe/gray wood frame with silver fern imprints. It reads "Love is the blueprint for building a lasting family."

To be entered in the contest, please take a look around my blog and comment here about something you like! Post before midnight MT, July 10, 2008. I will draw one winner on July 11th and post the name shortly after. Be sure you leave your email in the comment so I can contact you for shipping information. Ships to US addresses only. Naturally, I will pay postage. Please spread the word. Thanks!!


Karen Salva said...


Happy Birthday in advance. Thank you for you wonderful comment on my MMM "Dance"

Your blog and artwork are very nice, Congratulations on working with Hallmark, can not wait to see what you have done there.

Hope to see more from you on MMM, your "Places" piece is adorable, but you had great subject matter!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!
Your artwork is beautiful and you have fantastic ideas for home decorating! My living knows first hand experience....yes, we still have the red wall:)
Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. You have a true gift of encouraging and inspiring women all over the country.
Remember when I use to tell you that you were going to make it big someday......wasn't it the 700 club?...LOL
Love ya,

Peculiar said...

How exciting! My husband's birthday is the 4th of July so how special are you guys?! Happy Happy Birthday, in advance!! Anyway, I always like the Everyday Idea posts. I get your posts in my email box, and I love to see them come because I know there will be something unique, fresh, and new. I really liked the one on guest gifts where you had the little mini bottles of toiletries for guests in your home, tied with a ribbon with a little note added. I thought that was really pretty, thoughtful, and easy to do. Guests will love that little extra special attention that the host decided to give. I know I would sure appreciate it. I love your ideas. I will go back to looking around your website now. My email address is

cpullum said...

I like the Big Project!! Your new studio!!! I need to get started on mine!

Mistress Meeyee said...

I love all the crafty pictures on your page. I also like your hair if that blond is you.Nice page,nice hair and nice giveaway.

Elisa said...

Happy Birthday Girl!!

Well, you continue to make the rest of us look bad! :o) I am SO proud of you and all you've accomplished! Can't wait to see what you did for Hallmark! Keep us posted!

I LOVE the spring wreath with baby birds! That is just too cute!

You're incredible!

Love ya!

swmat said...

Happy Birthday Jeanne!

Loved the pictures that you sent. AND love your website. I am always impressed (& envious!) of your incredible creativity and talent. Keep it up!

I really like the picture b/w glass project. I'll need to file that one away.

We miss you guys!

Siuyien, Brent & the girls

Rae said...

Happy, happy birthday! I just found your blog through Kelly's Favorite Things Swap. I took a fabulous break and browsed your blog. I must say I have a tender spot in my heart for Hallmark and KC. My mother's family is in Kansas City and my uncle worked there for many, MANY years in HR. Congratulations on such a wonderful opportunity! Can't wait for fall to walk into my local store and see your art!

I'll be back again! :)

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