Tuesday, May 18

Vintage Frames Portrait Arrangement

A bare part of a hallway wall in my home is now decorated with a collection of filled and unfilled picture frames:
A couple of family portraits taken during our church directory photo shoot fill 3 of the 5 frames in the arrangement. I hope to have some fun outdoor photos of the kids taken in the fall, but these shots will get some prime real estate for a while.

I dug through my stash and found two vintage 80s gold frames, two empty, older wood ones and another medium stained wood frame, not pictured.
One can of spray paint transformed the assorted frame styles into a unified collection:
I had to buy 2 new wide white mattes, and I even spray painted over the navy and gold matte I already had! Now, on to the next project! Happy Wednesday, all!  :-)


Christina said...

I love it! The empty frames are a cool touch; they fill space without cluttering it. I'll have to keep that idea as well as the spray paint one in mind.

Southern Gal said...

Thank you for this. I have so many older frames that I have in boxes. I hate to get rid of frames, but didn't want to hang them up because, well, they're ugly! I will have to paint them and start using them again!

Livin’ The Yeh Life’s said...

Looks GREAT!!!

Kalei said...

great Idea....so inspiring! =)

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gift delivery Philippines said...

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