Thursday, December 15

Gift Card Holders for Teacher Christmas Gifts

Time for teacher Christmas gifts! 

In the past I've done these gift card holders - paper boxes:

This year my kids' teachers will get their gift card in an up-cycled mint tin...

... freshly washed and decorated by my kids! I wanted the kids to be more involved with the gift, while still giving the teachers the "choose something for yourself" benefit of the gift cards. We traced and cut out from Christmas crafting paper 3 rectangles with rounded corners. These are for the cover and each inside. Before we glued them in place, my kids wrote the "to" and "from" and a little note.

Add gift cards & ribbons! Easy project for the kids!


Jeane` said...

Hello, Jeanne!

I just purchased a beautiful print of yours off Etsy, upon which I "randomly" discovered. It is for my mom for Christmas, but I must say I will be back for a few of your prints for myself, as I am drawn like a fly to the light with vintage designs! It is an added bonus that your prints have familiar messages that have rung true in my life!

I am also so glad to have found your blog, as I truly like the ideas you offer! Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with the world!


Christina said...

These are adorable! I've been admiring all sorts of upcycled altoid tin projects on Pinterest, and these look like the most achievable that I've seen yet! Thanks for yet another wonderful idea.

Adil Haque said...

Thank you for a special post! Very nice article. Your idia is very nice.

Adil Haque said...

Thank you for a special post! Very nice article. Your idea is very nice.

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