Monday, March 26

Paper Easter Egg Gifts Tutorial

I just made these paper Easter eggs for my kids:
They are 5-6 inches high with little gifts tucked inside, like gum, trinkets and lovey messages.
Fold a sheet of pretty pastel-colored patterned paper in half.
From the fold, cut up and around in an egg shape.
Punch 1/4" holes all the way around.
Choose a coordinating thin satin ribbon or string.
Beginning at the top, loop your ribbon through the holes.
Stop about two-thirds of the way around to tuck your Easter treasures inside.
Complete your ribbon's trip around the egg and tie a cute bow at top.
String into the bow: a gift note, cross, child's initial, etc.
I think I might tuck a little invite to Easter service and a treat and give to our neighbors!


Becky said...

Beautiful! I think C would love these. She's really into lace-up projects right now.

Pat N Fl said...

I think I will try to make these for my Sunday School class. Such a simple but great idea

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