Monday, December 10

3rd Annual Kids' Christmas Party - Part II

My kids were excited to try their hand at the second of three crafts we'll be doing at our upcoming Kids' Christmas Craft Party!

 This one is pretty straightforward and we get to capture the year with a photo ornament of our sweet kiddos!

My local Michael's had a stash of unfinished white ceramic frame ornaments. 

We removed the cheap red ribbon they come with and began to paint them with glitter paint. I think I may use regular acrylic at the party because the glitter paint remained tacky for quite a while.

Once this base coat had dried completely, we began to add the decoration and pizzazz:

I'll be keeping this simple at the party by offering a rainbow variety of glitter glue pens.

What's fun about these is that the kids can do them completely themselves, so you capture their artistic skills at their age level, all while creating a timeless, quality keepsake.

I let them completely select their own colors as I really wanted it to be THEIR ornament. I love that they chose bright happy colors! These particular frames had some raised swirls in the design, which gives the kids a place to begin.

When fully dry, we glued a "First Day of School" photo to the back, then selected classy ribbons to complete our ornament craft project. 
Here's a link to my previous post about the first of our three ideas for the Kids' Christmas Craft Party.


"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Very sweet. I can remember doing crafts like this when my kiddos were small. Cherish those memories, it's cliche, but it goes by SO fast!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Thank you, I will cherish this time! It's already going too fast for me!

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